My name is Judit Varsányi. I have esteblished my private firm, the Agistra Studio Limiteed Liability in 1996 from my private enterpreneurship, starting in 1992.

The key profile of my company is business consultancy. I offer consulting service within the frames of my firm and, as contracting partner of larger consulting ocmpanies.
More hundreds of my references concern various areas of business consultancy and training service - from research, development and feasibility studies to moderation of strategic and business planning team works.

Based on my own strategy models, business games and books of higher education, I offer management consulting ant training services.
My AGISTRA strategy model is under standing development, following the litewrature and changing business conditions. My presentations are extendedly used in the higher education.

My references concern the institutes of higher education, companies of knowledge market and, furthermore, companies of heavy industry, agriculture, processing industry and banking sector. I published the first book on knowledge market strategies in Hungary in 1998.

As actual service areas, I offer portfolio analysis of competitiveness of product structure in strategic team work. My further key service is the professional compilation of introductive contents of enterpreneurial portals for strating or existing companies.

Updated in January, 2017