Key references (1977-2012)

2011-2012  Corvinus University Budapest - Visiting professor, Lectures and presentations on crisis management
2010– King Sigismund College - Professor, Lectures on Business Economy and Marketing, research on international business of companies
2009- ESSCA Hungary - Visiting Professor, Lectures on Brand Management and, on Industrial (B2B) Marketing
2009- BKF College Hungary - Visiting Professor, Lectures on Marketing Strategy and Planning
1995– Europrofessional EC Hungary - Chief Consultant, Studies, teamwork and consultancy on industrial and agricultural products, foods, technology and project management
2004–2009 Harsányi János College - Professor, Lectures and presentations on Management, Business Economy, Business Planning, Corporate Strategy
2000-2007 Széchenyi István University - Associate Professor, Head of Department, Lectures on Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Management, Product Strategy in Hungarian, Applied Strategy, Management Tools & Practice, Brand Management in English
1979-2002 Budapest University of Economic Sciences (BUES). - Associate Professor, Lectures on Corporate Strategy, Business Planning, Value Analysis, Knowledge Management
1992- Agistra Studio KFC - Executive director, Business consulting, management skills development, corporate strategy, business planning, marketing management, value analysis and corporate image
2001 Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company (ÁPVRT) - Sub-contractor consultant of Economix Ltd. of BUES, Study for the: Comparative Judgement of Corporate Strategies at the Portfolio of Personal Transport State-Owned Companies
2000-2001 VITE Electric Construct. Ltd. - Appointed consultant by Agistra Studio SME fundraising consulting activity for  a Széchenyi-Project for technical assets development
1999-2001 Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company (ÁPVRT) - Sub-contractor consultant of Economix Ltd. of BUES, Business strategy consulting activity and strategic studies at KEFAG, NEFAG, GEMENC state-owned forestry companies and, at two VOLÁN personal transporting companies
1999-2000 Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company (ÁPVRT) - Appointed consultant by Agistra Studio Business strategy consulting activity and elaboration of a strategic planning methodology and, lectures and studies for its companies
1999 EU Leonardo Project Bureau - Appointed consultant and co-author, SME tendering skills development: a concept, presentations and situational game. Co-author: István D. Mikus. Training and workshop-leading for SME-s by fundraising game.
1998-1999 Inter-Europa Bank Co. - Appointed consultant by Agistra Studio, Strategic consulting activity, team-leading and studies of strategic concept and project-planning
1998 Institute of Agricultural Professional Education (ASZI) - Appointed consultant and co-author, Presentations and games for fundraising skills development, Co-author: István D. Mikus
1997 Agro-Heves KHT - Appointed consultant and co-author of presentations, Educational Project Concept for agricultural SME-s and medium-level managers, Co-author: István D. Mikus.
1994-1995 KFKI Computer-Technology Co. - Appointed consultant by Agistra Studio, Strategic concept and project planning, based on teamwork-moderation
1993 Hungarian Investment and Development Bank - Appointed consultant by VEKO Consulting Ltd., Diagnostic survey and development strategy at companies of bank’s portfolii applying for credits of consolidation
1982-1993 BUES, Management Development Centre - Appointed trainer, Managers’ education trainings, presentations, development concepts of curricula and educational programs
1982-1993 OngroMan Manager Education Ltd. - Appointed trainer, Trainings for managers on corporate image design, alliances’ engineering and strategic planning.
1991-92 Budapest, Hungary Economix University Consulting Co. - Divisional Executive Director, Diagnostic surveys, competitiveness analyses, structural development, long range strategic planning
1986-1991 VEGYÉPSZER Co. - Appointed consultant, Moderating strategic planning teamworks and, planning a capital investment project
1986-1988 Phylaxia Co. - Appointed consultant, Teamwork-moderation for business strategy and, consultancy on business planning
1982-1988 Borsod Chem. Conglomerate Co. - Appointed consultant Research and development studies within frames of teamworks
1977-1979 Postgraduate Institute of Karl Marx University (MKKE KTI) - Chief-associate consultant, Curricular development for the postgradual education. Case studies for Compucorp micro-computers, for practical use at enterprises
1974-1976 Taurus Rubber Processing Co. Taurus Trio Value Analytic Team/OMFB - Development engineer, value analysis team member Winner of the 1st Award of National Committee of Technical Developments (OMFB) of the 1st national Value Analysis Tender. (1975-76) Studies about practical experiences in Value Analysis. Team-moderating activities at industrial enterprises
1972-1974 TAURUS Factory for Camping Articles - Instructor of Standardization, Affairs Elaboration of factory standards, quality requirements. Co-ordination with the State Agency of Standardization
1970-1972 TAURUS Factory for Camping Articles - Development engineer, Studies in product development, compiling product catalogues. Technological development and standardization studies of confectioned rubber articles, studies on corporate strategy.
1961-1970  TAURUS Factory for Camping Articles - Chemical technician, rubber technologist, Technology ddvelopment studies, manufacturer’s operational prescriptions, utilization standards of material resources. Feasibility and quality review of commercial orders and contracts.