Publications, 1974-2011

Selected Papers

9 books, 7 chapters, 1 distance learning textbook, 3 dissertations as author
3 books as co-author
More than 40 articles as author or co-author
Over 100 teaching projects and presentations
Conference papers: 19 international and 53 domestic conference papers
Editorial works and proofreadings on near 50 books, theses or issues
Over 200 business studies for companies, partly with co-authors
Yearly, translation or proofreadings on 3-4 or more articles from international economic journals

Key publications

Cégmenedzsment – cégvezetés. (Corporate Management – Corporate Leadership.) Universitas-Győr KHT, Győr. 200 p. ISBN 978-963-87556-0-5, Győr, 2007
Menedzsment, vezetés, motiváció. (Management, Leadership, Motivation.) COEDU Electronic University Readings. 172 p. Széchenyi István University, Győr, Szeptember, 2006
Vállalati menedzsment. (Corporate Management.) University Readings, 178 p. HEFOP 3.3.1–P.–2004-09-0102/1.0, Széchenyi István University, Győr, July 2006
Vállalati menedzsment – tanári kézikönyv. (Lecturers’ Handbook on Corporate Management), 28 p. HEFOP 3.3.1–P.–2004-09-0102/1.0, Széchenyi István University, Győr, August, 2006
Üzleti stratégia – üzleti tervezés. (Business Strategy – Business Planning.) Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, 2nd Ed. Budapest, 2001.
Stratégiai menedzsment. Rendszerkép, módszertan, gyakorlat. (Strategic Management – Systems, Methodology & Practice). Readings for distance learning. Számalk, Budapest, 2001.
Tudáspiaci stratégiák. A menedzserképzés sikertényezői. (Knowledge Market Strategies. Success Factors of Management Skills Development.) Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, Budapest, 1998.
Termékstratégia emocionális és racionális közelítésben. (Product Strategy in Emotional and Rational Approach. ) Co-author: Törőcsik Mária. Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, Budapest, 1998.
Cégstratégiák piaci, pénzügyi megalapozása. (Marketing and Financial Establishment of Corporate Strategies.) Co-author: Virág Miklós. Műszaki Kiadó,1997.
Participation in writing and editing textbooks and presentations for the agricultural professional education: (Ed.) The Agricultural System of EU in the Practice (Az EU agrárrendszere a gyakorlatban) Co-editor: István D. Mikus. ASZI, Budapest, 1998.
Tendering Skills Development.  Training Package with Presentations. Co-author: István D. Mikus. ASZI, Budapest, 1998.
Conference papers in proceedings
Hofer, M. –Varsányi, J. – Józsa, L. (2008): Marketing Research, Serving for a Growing Consumption of Organic Foods in Hungary  In: Iraklis Paraskakis - Andrej Luneski (ed.) „INFUSING RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE IN SOUTH-EAST EUROPE” Proceedings of the 3rd Annual South - East European Doctoral Student Conference, Vol. 1. and CD, (SEERC) South–East European Research Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece, ISBN: 978-960-89629-7-2, ISSN: 1791-3578, 216-230. o.
Hofer, M.–Varsányi, J. (2007): Better Health by Organic Foods – Nonprofit Aspects of .Consumption VIth  International Congress on Public and Non Profit Marketing. University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, 14-15 June, 2007.
Hofer, M.–Varsányi, J. (2007): Regional Characteristics of Organic Food Production & Consumption. International Scientific Conference, Eötvös József College, Baja, 23rd March 2007, ISBN ISBN 978-963-7290-52-7, 5 p.
Jámborné Antal, E.–Varsányi, J. (2007): Change Management of a Hungarian Public Transport Servi-ce Group. 3rd International HAAMAHA Conference on Managing Enterprise of the Future, Poznan, Poland, 9–12th July, 2007
Mikus, I. D. –Varsányi, J. (2006): Guidelines of Proposal Writing and Project Descriptions. CISSE 2006 E-Conference, Bridgeport, USA, 10th December 2006
Mikus, I. D.– Varsányi, J. (2006): Guidelines of Proposal Writing and Project Descriptions.
2nd CISSE E-Conference, Bridgeport, USA, 10th December 2006
Mikus, I. D.–Varsányi, J. (2006): Project Valorisation – Terms, Aspects and Steps of Valorisation of European Project Management Training Projects. Presentation to the EPMT Trainers’ Manual. Europrofessional Hungary EC, 2006, Budapest
A Survey Among College Students, Looking Forward Management Excellence. International MEB Conference on Management, Enterprise and Benchmarking, Budapest Tech, 12nd June 2006.
EU-Strategy of Value Analysis in Hungary. IPMA 2004 Budapest World Congress on Project Management, Budapest, 2004. június 19.
Role of tendering skills in the EU–conform innovations of SMEs. Proceedings and moderating at SME–Stream, SZE Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, 25th November 2003
Theoretical Background of Brand Management. Proceedings at XIII. Hungarian Marketing Conference, Stream of Hungarica, lead by prof. Dr. habil L. Józsa. Hungarian Marketing Association, Balatonfüred, 20th November 2003
Knowledge strategies & The Institutional Development In Higher Education. Project Paper to the International Conference of Debrecen University, Faculty of Economic Sciences, titled „Evolution of Institutions & The Knowledge Economy”, Stream „The Institutions of Knowledge Economy”, 2002. október 5.
Fundraising Strategy & Technics at Local Governments. In: Interest Group J: Euroregions Financial Engineering of Local Governments. Chairman: Mikus D. István. SEF 2000. Central European Initiative (CEI) Summit Economic Forum. Budapest. 2000. nov. 25.
EU Enlargement and Its Consequences to the Corporate Strategies.
32 lessons and examination, with own presentations in electronic form. 13. International Week, Fachhochschule Coburg, Germany, 6–13th April 2003
Conference papers on knowledge market strategies, value analysis and fundraising, 1999–2002: IALIC conference, Linz, Austria, ISNIE conference, Debrecen, Hungary, Erasmus presentations, Laurea College, Finland, CEI Fundraising Conference, Budapest, SZIF Conference, Győr, BUES Conference, Budapest, Miskolc University Confer. Lillafüred, Hungary
Conference papers on corporate strategy and value analysis, 1999: BUES Conference, Budapest, Veszprém University Jubilee Conference, Veszprém, National Conference on Value Analysis etc.
Issue research, conference lecture and a summarizing study about strategic questions of proprietary management, Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company (ÁPVRT) -Economix, 1999
Issue research in corporate strategy, product strategy (published as co-author, in: Colorful Versions of Corporate Strategy (Sokszínűség a cégstratégiában). Textbook of BUES professors, AULA Publishers, Budapest, 1998. and Törőcsik, Mária-Varsányi, Judit: Product Strategy by Emotional and Rational Approach (Termékstratégia emocionális és racionális közelítésben.) Nemzeti Textbook Publishers, Budapest, 1998.

Readings and presentations

Role and tendering skills of SMEs in public procurement. Principles, readings and games, supporting the training of potential auditors. Study and training.  SZE JGK GTI, Nov. 2003.
Contributions to a public procurement strategy. Readings & concepts, November 2003
Management of Innovations – curricula for post-graduate courses on 5 topics (Innovations–  and Knowledge Management, Value Analysis, Business Strategy & Planning, Funding of Innovations, Development of Tendering Skills. Manuscript, October 2003
Corporate Economics – presentations in HUN. 300 slides, SZE, September 2003
Proposal and curric. for courses in English at Faculty of Technical Sciences. Sept. 2003
Brand Management presentations in ENG-HUN animated, electronic mirror-versions for courses in English, on the University homepage. 300 slides. SZE, May 2003
Management presentations in ENG-HUN animated, electronic mirror-versions for courses in English, on the University homepage. 170 slides. SZE, February 2003
Value Analysis and its business use. Presentation for distance learning. 53 slides, Febr.2003
Applied Corporate Strategy presentations in ENG-HUN animated, electronic mirror-versions for courses in English, on the University homepage. 200 slides, Jan–Dec. 2003
Teaching curriculum and a textbook-proposal titled „Firm Management and Leadership” for Management courses for students of Faculty Economics, SZE, Győr, 2000–2003
Management games for MTP, Applied Strategy and Brand Management courses.
20 games on the homepage of Department of Management. SZE, 2000-2003
Marketing exercises and presentations in 15 topics: 380 PPT slides and 10 exercises
on the homepage of Department of Management. SZE, 2000-2003
Proofreading of books & theses
Proofreading of thesis proposal: Sajtos László (2003): Multi-Dimensional Approach of Measurement of Marketing Performance at Corporations in Hungary. BKÁE, Dec. 2003
Proofreading of a college textbook: Szomor Tamás (2003): Enterpreneurial Skills. Általános Vállalkozási Főiskola, Budapest, December 2003
Edition of conference proceedings: „Enterprises At Forthcoming EU-Assession.” SZE JGK GTI, Győr, January 2003
Proofreading of an application of University habilitation: Kis Tibor, University of Sci. Pécs

Key studies from business consultancy

Establishment of Corporate Strategies. Methodical presentation for the management of CONTEC Co. 30 PPT slides. Agistra Studio, Budapest
Activity Diagnosis of Corporate Board of MVM Co. & Proposals. Study, Aug. 2003
Strategic Diagnosis for the Contec Corporation. Study. Agistra Studio, Budapest, July 2003
Varsányi Judit–Liszkai Imre (2003): Presetation of Activity of Economix Co. for the Board of Hungarian Association of Chemical Industry. MAVESZ, Budapest, May 2003
Proposals for the Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company (ÁPVRT) for Portfolio Management of Forestry Companies. Economix Co. Budapest, February, 2003
Presentation of Economix Co. 30 PPT slides. Agistra Studio, Budapest. February 2003