Curriculum vitae

Family name: Varsányi
First names:   Judit
Date of birth: 12.10.1942
Nationality:     Hungarian


Hungarian Prime Minister (2009) - Appointed College Professor
Széchenyi István University, Győr - Doctor Habil. of Economic and Organisation Sciences (dr. habil)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1995) - Candidate of Economic Sciences (PhD)
Ministry of Finance, VA-Moderator Course (1987) - Registered Expert of Value Analysis and Organisation
Venconave International Training Course (Budapest) - Expert of Value Analysis and Value Engineering
Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences (1984) - University Doctor of Economy (dr. univ.)
OMFB VA Committee, Budapest (1975) - Registered Value Analyst
Training Course in Standardisation (MSZH) - Exam at Hungarian State Agency of Standardisation (MSzH)
Veszprém University of Chemical Industry (1972) - Diplom-Engineer of Chemistry (MBA)
Petrik Lajos High School of Chemistry (1961) - Technician of Chemical Industry

Language skills

State exam of medium competence level in English, German, Russian
Over 20 years practice in professional translation and consulting
Over 8 years university teaching at management & marketing courses in English

Membership in Professional Bodies

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Industrial Profsection, 1995–2006, Marketing Profsection, 2007–
Multidisciplinary PhD School at Széchenyi István University, Győr, funding member, 2002-
Regional Committee of Scientific Society of Organisation and Management (SZVT), member, 2003-2004
Club of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member, 2000–
Society of Hungarian Value Analysts, member, 1999–
Society of Hungarian Economists, 1997-
Nitrokémia 2000 Co. Hungary, Board member, 1997–2001
Agistra Studio EC, executive director, 1996-
Nitrokémia Co. Hungary, Supervisory Board member, 1993–1996

Other skills

Computer skills on Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access
Professional and technical editory skills on books, readings, presentations

Present position

Professor at King Sigismund College, Budapest, Hungary
Executive director at Agistra Studio Private Company, Budapest, Hungary

Years within the firm and education

2 semesters as visiting professor at Corvinus University Budapest
5 semesters at King Sigismund College
3 semesters as visiting professor at ESSCA Hungary
6 years at Harsányi János College
8 years at Széchenyi István University
23 years at MKKE-BUES-Corvinus University
18 years at Agistra Studio Private Company
16 years industrial practice as technology chemist and development engineer

Key qualifications

Business consulting in chemical and agricultural industry, product strategy, value analysis, business planning
Consulting experiences and teamwork moderation on product and technology development, value analysis, project development and project evaluation
Higher education in management, business skills, corporate planning and marketing

Key experiences

Over 35 years’ experience in higher education: university lectures and trainings at BUES, at its Postgraduate Institute and at its Manager Development Centre, at the European Business School Hungary and at Széchenyi István University. Diploma courses for yearly 15-20 University students with professional support.

Near 30 years consulting practice on chemical and agricultural industry, product strategy, value analysis and engineering, business planning and management skills development with more than 200 professional studies.

Elaboration and implementation of evaluation concepts on various EU-projects, participating as co-author or sub-contractor of Europrofessional EC, Timan and Merig, in various EU-projects.

Project Experience

Europrofessional EC Hungary (consultant partner ) Economic and chemistry consultant, team member and project partner in international projects on healthy nutrition, organic foods and rural development for over ten years
Doctoral School MTDI of Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary Supervisor of PhD fellow research about impacts of organic food consumption on human health and, about consumer behavior of organic foods
Leonardo da Vinci project in Hungary (trainer and
co-author) Elaboration of training studies for Leonardo pilot and exchange projects and, trainings for directors of vocational institutions
NATURAE / Core-author of studies Ecotourism with Training and Rural Development Elements
Leonardo da Vinci Project
TRAIN SME / Sub-contractor of MERIG Evaluation of Leonardo training materials in the practice of SMEs and in the higher education
EDURA / Designer of presentations Small Scale Rural Development for Families, Gruntvig Project
ELEVATOR / Co-author of studies Training, Strenghten of Technical Safety, Leonardo
EPMT / Co-author of studies European Project’s Management Training, Leonardo
FORESTUR/ Co-author of studies Eco Tourism Research and Training Material Development, LdV
Budapest, 10th June, 2010

International Events Visited

TIMAN S. R. O., Bratislava, Czech Republic. Consultations on project development and co-operation with Europrofessional EC and with Agistra Studio, 2007.
Université de Bourgogne, Institute Universitaire de Technologie de Dijon, Auxerre, France. Erasmus exchange consultations at Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary,: 2001-2004.
Fachhochschule Coburg, Germany. Presentations at an intensive, one-week course on EU-Enlargement, titled “EU-Enlargement and Its Consequences to the Corporate Strategies.” International Week, Spring semester 2003
IALIC International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication. Participation and paper presentation at Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, 2003.
Laurea Polytechnics, Hyvenkää, Finland. One-week Erasmus teaching exchange program. Presentations on “Brand Management And Its Application In Personal Selling / Service Markeiing” and on “Knowledge Strategies In Higher Education”, 2002
Central European Initiative (CEI), Budapest. Paper presentation at a Conference on Local Governments, 2001.
John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University, St. Louis, USA. Participation at a round table conference on development of higher education at CEU, Budapest, 2004.
International Congress on Project Management, paper presentation, Budapest, 2004